She wrote funny ad campaigns

(which won Clios and various awards)

She wrote a funny novel

(which got optioned by Miramax to be a movie starring the Academy Award winning actress Marissa Tomei)

She wrote more funny stuff

(non-fiction books, TV sit-com concepts, and movie scripts - which got optioned by Fox, NBC, Brillstein Gray, Nickelodeon, MTV, Miramax, Bedford Falls and Lifetime)

Celebrities have loved Karen's funny writing

(Madonna, Goldie Hawn, Eminem, Tony Robbin, Deepak Chopra, Peter Guber, Tony Hsieh, Julian Lennon, Jenny McCarthy, Joan Rivers, Jay Leno, Giselle, Britney Spears, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Club, Tim Ferris, Seth Godin - and then some)

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Comedians have loved Karen's humor.

Bill Maher, Jenny McCarthy and Joan Rivers invited Karen to be a guest on their shows. Jay Leno shared Karen's book in his monologue! Plus, Karen was invited to play poker with Eddie Brill, Mark Maron, Sarah Silverman and Todd Barry - and then some!

She was honored to be the only non-comedian in the NYC poker crew. Eddie told her she was invited because the other comedians found her funny.

But maybe it’s because she always brought freshly baked bagels.

Karen knows it wasn’t because she was good at poker. She sucked. (Hmmm... maybe that’s why they invited her?)

When Karen met Jon Stewart, he loved her humor so much he gave her an official blurb.

“Karen Salmansohn has the spirit and sass of a stand up comic.”

We are guessing this makes Karen the only author of self empowerment with Jon Stewart approved humor!

Next up, Jon Stewart put action behind his blurb.

He invited Karen to be a “test guest” for a TV pilot he was working on!

This TV pilot went on to earn Jon his BIG TV break – The Daily Show!

(Guess this means in her own small way Karen helped to launch Jon’s career!)

Around this time HOW TO BE HAPPY DAMMIT was published.

  • It became Urban Outfitter’s #1 best selling book.
  • Eminem featured it in one of his videos.
  • The book was selected as an Oprah-recommend on her site.

Karen became known for creating: “self help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self help” - because folks were surprised to read a self empowerment book with feisty humor and stylish graphics.

Soon after Karen wrote many best selling books – published in 11 countries – selling well over 1 million copies.

She was invited onto The Today Show, The View, Fox and Friends, CNN, etc.
Plus hundreds of morning TV shows across the country.

Most importantly Karen's books inspired millions of thank you notes from grateful readers whose lives were changed for the better.

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Karen believes there are many reasons why funny is a great seasoning for self empowerment.

When you put the funny in, you take out the fear – and take out the “I can’t do this!”

Laughter kicks your ego to the curb – so you stay open minded to un-learning negative beliefs and habits.

Humor makes the overwhelming task of changing your life feel just plain ol’ whelming!

Karen is not the only one who’s a big believer in the power of humor to boost learning. Consistently studies agree.

University of Western Ontario studied the effects of watching funny YouTube videos versus videos of sad music and depressing news. Watching “funny stuff” made people better at mentally challenging tasks like number puzzles.

A Pew Research Poll showed that folks who get their news from humorous shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report show higher retention of facts than those who merely get their news from ordinary newspapers, CNN, etc

A range of educational research has shown that “correctly-used” humor improves learning in students from kindergarten through college.

A variety of studies report that humor improves classroom learning by reducing anxiety, boosting participation and increasing motivation to focus on the material.

In summary:
Humor supercharges your brain!

You will love the humor injected into our courses because it makes the learning fun - and it makes the learning stick!

Plus because Karen is a designer, she's also made sure Masters in Life courses are more visually beautiful than the average self empowerment course.

She's a big believer that a "spoonful of eye candy helps the self-help medicine go down."

Research supports this belief as well. Consistently neuro-scientific studies show people learn and retain information better when words are mixed with images.

This is important if you’re part of the 65% of the population who are visual learners.

If you’re in this 65%, it’s harder for you to get engaged in a book long enough to finish it.

Or you quickly lost interest in school because classes tended to be given verbally.

If that's you, the good news is our courses are stylishly designed – and created to be consumed quickly – with short bursts of info – from 3 to 10 minutes long.

Karen also loves to seek out and team up
with our world's top Masters!

She's passionate about gathering techniques from masters of particular subjects. She then infuse their insights with her own - to bring you deeply researched content.

Each course is highly organized – with easy-to-follow, step-by-step training – specifically created to give you the knowledge you want and the results you need!

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