Become the happiest person you know

Do you have painful patterns which block you from happiness?

Do you regularly feel troubled about: Love, money, work, food, health, friendships, family members, anxiety, fear, regret?

If so, you’re not alone!

Karen will give you tools to become stronger and wiser!

First, she will help you to get to the root of your “painful patterns.” Next she will show you how to pull out the “origin” of your pain by these roots – so the pain will stop repeating!

Lastly, she will teach how to respond to future challenges and emotional pain – so that you're in charge - because you'll be using your conscious mind – not subconscious.


“You will learn how to be happy - no matter how much ‘you gotta be freaking kidding me’ life throws at you!”

Karen loves teaming up with our world’s top Masters!

Her passion:

She loves seeking out respected experts on a range of subjects. She then infuses their insights with her own tools and philosophies.

Your result:

You get deeply researched content from the world's top self empowerment experts - enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

Join the millions of people who use Karen’s tools.


Karen began her career as a “Jon Stewart recommended” comedy writer. Her material is both highly researched and fun. You’ll get videos, ebooks, audios, etc - all injected with humor and snazzy graphics. You’ll laugh as you learn.


We’ve created each course to be enjoyed in short 3 to 10 minute bursts. Plus you’ll get to keep the courses FOREVER - so there’s no rush. Enjoy the material at your own pace - within your busy schedule! Binge watch or slow watch.


The materials are shared as video content, virtual posters, and audio downloads. It’s your choice how you enjoy it: watching, listening, reading, writing. And it’s your choice where you enjoy it: phones, tablets, computers!


Karen has taught these techniques to her paying clients - and used them herself - all to tremendous success! But we do have a 30 day refund policy! Click here. Hey, we’re in the happiness business! We want you to be happy!